The Risk Analysis And Consultancy


Since 1998, Alseltaş has been providing services in a number of areas with efficiency. As the sales transactions are made, services are provided before and after the sales. For the region where the produced equipment is to be used, the needs are the first identified and a detailed analysis is made. After determining the potential risks, all the needs of the firms are determined by the productivity analyzes. Problems that may arise are determined in advance and precautions are taken accordingly. Along with the creation of the intervention plans, alternative solution methods are being developed. At this point we are dealing with the risks more satisfactorily.

Through the pre-sale services given by Alseltaş, the solution methods are classified and the implemented plans are beginning to be implemented. Alseltaş provides continuous support to the company during the creation and the implementation of the projects. Our company, which provides service to many areas that companies need in an efficient way, develops an action plan belonging to the company by examining the parts that need to be intervened and controlled. Alceltaş is transferring different alternative solution methods to eliminate and improve the deficiencies. This makes the business environment safer and takes precautions against the potential risks that may arise.

Alseltaş, which manufactures a large number of security equipments such as designing of video security systems, license recognition systems, systems used to control the entrance and exit of the personnel, fire and burglar alarm systems, provides detailed consultancy services both before and after the sale of the products. Engineering works within the scope of the services provided by the company which also provide a thorough review of the entire region. Security systems that can be applied on this page are determined and solutions are offered according to the needs of companies.

Alseltaş ‘s leading position in the sector is to provide consultancy services in addition for the production and sales of the security systems, which is the biggest reason. In order to ensure efficient use of the products and to ensure the safety in the places where they are used in engineering services are only needed and are working in areas that are seen as missing. In the direction of the service given by Alseltaş, measures are taken for the years after the problems that companies will encounter in the following processes are determined in advance. A better quality and more reliable business environment is being created.