Solutions and Projecting


Since its inception, Alseltaş has served a number of areas and has become the industry leader with its security enhancements. Constantly renewing the company uses the latest technology, innovations in Turkey due to open to the public is able to cater comfortably. Alseltaş, which has been taken as a model by many companies, has been producing a large number of products in line with its strategies and also supports its customers in various ways before and after the sales. In this way, existing risks can be determined and the efficiency from products is continuously checked.

Potential risks are first determined by Alseltaş before the sale of the product. After the risks and the needs of the firms are determined, alternative options are determined by various methods. With the numerous solutions offered by the firm, the deficiencies can be eliminated by using the desired method. The yield from the service provided by Alseltaş is at the highest level on this count. Aiming to continuously increase customer satisfaction, the company ensures that customers are satisfied with the service they receive continuously in line with the strategy they are following.

After the solution methods for the problems determined by Alseltaş are established, production is realized in this direction. License plate control systems, Intruder and fire alarm systems, personnel transit systems, such as production in the field of the company, the need to realize the sale of the products. In order to be able to use in an efficient manner, only necessary amount of production and sales are made. Companies working with Alseltaş are also satisfied with the service that is provided.

After the solutions are presented by the company, the projecting processes are started according to the selected method. Services are beginning to be provided in a wide range of areas with the aim of getting the needs of the companies and the shortcomings they are experiencing. Serving in the same areas since 1998, Alseltaş has gained a specialized and high quality service understanding with the each passing day.

After the implementation of the security systems produced by Alseltaş, the company continues to provide its support. The company, which works with Alseltaş, has adopted a service approach to meet the needs directly. In this respect shortcomings are resolved in a short period of time and the functioning of the companies is under control.

Due to the high quality of services provided by Alseltaş for a safer business environment, the company is greatly satisfied with the service they receive. In this way Alseltaş leaders across Turkey over the years that has earned the right to be a company that grows continuously.