The Personnel Control Systems, which are used to record the entry and exit times of the company employees into the workplace, provide the daily and monthly reports on these records. Personnel Control Systems, also called PDKS computer based systems.

Since 1998, Alseltaş has been a leader in the quality control and has been success in all aspects of the personnel control systems. With the Personnel Control Systems nowadays becoming a compulsory requirement for the companies with a large number of employees, you will be able to automatically calculate how much of your staff is working according to the morning and evening entries.

With Alseltaş Personnel Control System, you can automatically obtain the number of employees who are not working, and the ones who are absent. The Personnel Control System, which is an integrated working function, is easily used in factories, public places, offices and institutions.

With this system, which minimizes the human workforce, you can create your staff records without any mistakes. With the Personnel Control Systems, you can achieve the highest efficiency by ensuring your company works more efficiently.

Alseltaş, which produces new solutions for companies that have difficulties in keeping their personnel knowledge with the development of technology, presents the Personnel Control System device to keep all kinds of information about the personnel of the companies in a short and reliable way. We respond to your expectations in the best way with the Personnel Control System devices that perform an error-free function.

With our advanced technological services and dynamic team, we offer different service options to our valued customers. When the Personnel Control Systems prefer the device, the importance of the sector that will be used is big. It is not right to choose a finger-readable device in a business sector that will wear out on fingers. In this regard, you can get support from our experienced staff.

When you are in the demand for the Personnel Control System, the most suitable device is to determined according to the sector. Then, our employees who work at the workplace will examine the areas where the device will be used and determine their exact location. At this stage, the architectural structure of the workplace and your wishes are taken into account. Finally, the device is installed as soon as possible to use the product. Our company is always with you for any problems you will have with the device. In order to keep your personnel information more economical and practical, you can choose Alseltaş Personnel Control System.