Mission – Vision


Our company which produces solutions in the technology category offers excellent services in the categories like security, plate recognition, personnel control, fire alarm, burglar alarm, video door, audio systems and web video door.

Quality in the Service

The risk analysis of your operator is performed and a list of transactions to be performed in the product service category is issued. Important issues such as fire, theft, follow-up of the staff and follow-up from the internet are revealed at this stage. Following the developments in these fields regularly, Alseltaş offers technological developments to you at the same time. Updates, the service and maintenance the services that are provided in this category. In the project category, all your needs are determined. Before choosing our products, we prefer the best option for you. With our expert teams, we complete the projects in a short time.

Know the Technology with Us

The safety procedures within each of the business are made with the best camera and system options. One of the worst things for a business is the fire, with our state-of-the-art alarm systems, from danger. If you are tired of your staff being late and can not control the check-in / check-out process, all what you have to do is to choose our company’s precise and efficient personnel tracking services.

You can get rid of abuses with this system, which increases work efficiency and provides staff motivation. One of the most important issues for a boss, the internet follow-up process has become very easy with Alseltaş options. When you are out of town for your important work, you can follow your workplace from your mobile phone. With the remote management technology, your business will not fail.

At home and at work, it is now possible to instantly follow people from the door to the door. Our company, which brings you this effective technology, offers the perfect follow-up services you are looking for in a practical way. Alseltaş, which produces solutions with its expertise in its field, determines the deficiencies with the first analysis processes in the fields of security, personnel efficiency, work efficiency and business place. Our specialist staff, who, like a doctor, determines the necessary medication for the patient, can easily determine the procedures for your company.

With the best choice of secure technologies, you can move forward with huge steps in your industry. For a company that is regular, disciplined and focused on its purpose, you can benefit from our technology services. With professional solutions, we are able to solve your company’s needs.