The license plate recognition system is used in parking lots, entrance departments of large companies, vehicle tracking procedures in traffic and in similar places. This system, which is preferred in the entry and exit control, security and lost search categories, is offered under the guarantee of Alseltaş. With the preference of this system, foreign license plate vehicles are detected when is approaching. Companies that prefer this implimentation do not use an entrance card. In the parks, license plate recognition systems have also solved parking problems seriously. In addition, the system recognizes the license plate of the vehicle while entering the park and immediately reflects the charge on the screen. The program, which detects the foreign plates, sends audible and visual alerts.

License Plate Recognition System Makes Your Life Easier

Used in conjunction with the Mobese camera system, this system can recognize the vehicles searched in the city in a much shorter time than in a second. It can be catch the license plate of the vehicles moving with 180 km. Important points of the regulations, shopping malls, schools, bus stations and terminals, airports, weighbridges, hotels, hospitals, universities, warehouses, border gates, bridges and big streets are places where this system is used. Alseltaş prepares these systems in a practical way.


The features of this system are very effective if they are useful. It can recognize the license plate of vehicles traveling with 180 km / h. There is a reading capacity of 20 milliseconds. The system, which has night or day reading capability, has the recording feature. Alseltaş produces solutions with the quality of the reading system. It has features such as barrier triggering, remote use, undercarriage monitoring, automatic plug printing, allowing passage of desired vehicle, violation detection, easy to use the program feature, sabotage alarm and encrypted usage. With this effective system, it will become very easy to follow your car or your license plate.

The system, which can also detect nonplaced vehicles, has reduced the power of work to a large extent. The system, which automatically opens the special partitioned sections to the license plate, has made it very convenient for the fee calculation processes, especially in the parking lots. It is a system that provides 100% success in all detection activities in the vehicle category, including stolen vehicles, seized vehicles, vehicles that are not allowed to go on traffic, and so on. Especially the process of finding called persons is much easier with this camera system. This system, which has the first class features with its technical features, is being established in a short time with the dedication of expert staff.