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Audio Systems


Our company, which has been serving effectively since its foundation, has become a leader in the sector with the products it has realized in various fields. Alseltaş, has always used and encouraged the use of the latest technology in every period of service. For this reason, the sound systems that is produced by Alseltaş are presented with extremely high functionality.

The sound systems produced by the company leave the participants and the attendants are satisfied with their services that their various functions that is the given in conferences. Alseltaş, aware of the fact that the congress units are exceedingly important, has also realized its production in this direction. Its unrivaled appearance and stylish design make it possible to use the audio systems with a wide range of uses, as well as the ability to be wireless in different areas. The sound systems designed by examining the next generation congress units have the voting feature and are highly preferred due to this function.

The unit, which has the most important position within the conference system, draws attention with its unusual functions. The product, which is produced by Alseltaş which is in the leading position in the sector in general, satisfies the buyer sufficiently to its usefulness, to the necessary controls that is made by a large number of specialist personnel in the company’s premises, the product is offered in a complete and error-free manner.

After the purchase of the audio units, Alseltaş continues to provide support to the companies and individuals. Certain periodical checks and updates of imported products are made. When the inspection time comes, the product is checked in detail by Alseltaş teams and the deficiencies are eliminated. There is no fee for the service that is provided. In this way, the yield from the products reaches the highest level and the problems that are experienced are resolved within a short period of time by the firm. Alseltaş provides technical support and consultancy services to the firm not only about the product but also for various issues. Therefore, with Alseltaş, the leader in the sector, exchange of ideas is being made in many different areas.

Fire Alarm Systems


The fire, with cause great damage an deven loss of life if not intervened on time, can be overcome with minimum damage with necessary measures and systems. At the very beginning of the measures to be taken against the fire is important to be knowledgeable about the fire and to know what to do during the fire. Today’s advanced Technologies enable fire protection and warning systems to protect against fire without major disaster with a minimal damage.

With Alteltaş expert staff and advanced fire systems, you are protected against the fire. With the fire. With the fire alarm systems and the fire extinguishing systems that warn you in a minimum time, you can take an effective measures against the fire and ensure your life and property security in the most effective way.

The most suitable solutions for different spaces:

Alseltaş offers you the best and most suitable solutions against the fire with the fire alarm systems that you have according to the caracteristics of the different places. All of the our fire alarm systems are sensitive to flame and smoke and give warning in an unusual situation and protect your safety. Fire extinguishing systems also have the same sensitivity and they prevent the growth offire by commissioning on time. We have solutions in the direction of your needs from the smallest spaces to the widest areas, and we provide services against the fire and the fire losses with our expert staff.

Most advanced technological applications:

Alseltaş brings you the most advanced and new technological fire alarm systems of today. Sensitive and responsible fire alarm systems are enable for early intervention and ensure that fires prevented from flaring. Fire alarm systems are specially built for all different areas from home to work, and equipped with the most advanced features. Alarmsystems that can adapt to intelligent home systems maket he necessary warnings through sound and light. Fire alarm systems consist of fire detectors, buton, sirens, electronic fire panels, fire modules, fire cords and accessories. Our professional team completes the necessary discovery process and then creates the most suitable fire alarm system that you need and performs the necessary installations quickly and ensures the system to be active.

With Alseltaş you can have the best security measures against fire, by savig your and others life.

Cctv-Closed Circuit Camera Systems


Alseltaş is responsible for the establishment and after-sales support of all security systems for institutions and buildings. We are active in areas of services and products such as CCTV-closed circuit camera systems, license plate recognition, fire and Intruder alarm systems, personnel tracking system, image and sound systems. Alseltaş, acting together with different solutions for all kinds of situations that threaten personal security like an institution, provides consultancy activities not only about supplying products but also services.

Especially, it is very important to position the necessary safety equipments properly because there are too many institutional threats in areas where crowds and people circulation are excessive. CCTV-closed circuit camera systems, which offer the sound and image possibilities required for the security system, are preferred for many institutions and buildings. Within this system, persons with camera systems and monitoring authority can obtain images registered to the system within the scope of the camera’s image.

Today, we offer consultancy service and discovery service as Alseltaş firm for the CCTV-closed circuit systems, which is one of the measures taken in the name of security. As a result of the discoveries made by our engineers and technical team together with our expert team, security systems are distributed in the most appropriate way to the institutions and buildings. Sounds and images recorded in this direction can be used later by authorized persons in the system via remote monitoring or recording functions.

The main task of the technical team is to bring together the equipment so that CCTV-closed circuit camera systems can receive images and transfer them to the system. Equipment required to the transfer camera images to a monitor or TV screen includes fiber optic cable, recorder, wireless receiver and transmitter, swich. Our company, which provides all of these equipments in the stage of installation of the camera system and delivers them in working condition, also offers after sales support facilities within customer satisfaction against all problems that may arise after solution possibilities.

Our company has become one of the leading companies in the security sector to the product range created by both consulting services and security. As a company in the direction of our references, we represent the corporate infrastructure and customer-oriented working principle in the best way.

Automation Systems


Since of the beginning of its foundation Alseltaş, has been serving in a wide range of the fields and has been producing with the expert quality products with its latest technology. The automation systems that is produced by the company can be used effectively in different production systems. The company produces a semi-automation systems where human power is dominant, and at the same time realizes the production of the complete automation systems where the machine power is front-mounted. In this regard, automation products can be preferred more frequently in the sales.

In the line with the strategies it pursues, Alseltaş also carries out sales to the neighboring countries, in a particular domestic. The technological products that realize the production can be used in the production facilities as well as in the security systems in these facilities. Models designed by Alseltaş show their usefulness in various fields as well as having the aesthetic appearance.

Alseltaş, which meets the automation system works with the companies intensively and rapidly, and is delivering the orders in a short period of time to the large number of personel that is in it. After the production of the automation systems, the products are completely installed, fixed and made available by Alseltaş. Organizations that work with the company on this issue do not encounter any problems with the product.

Detailed training on how to use the products will be given by the expert staff in Alseltaş after the products are delivered. After the trainings, the company and its employees have knowledge about the automation system. The company that manufactures the security systems such as plate reading, input-output control, etc., performs the production of various automation systems professionally. Because it focuses on the specific and limited areas, it has completely professionalism among the products manufactured by Alseltaş.

After the production is completed, after the sales Alseltaş continues to provide technical support to the firm that it works with. It is quite easy for companies to access Alseltas when they have problems related to the product or other product deficiencies. The needs that arise on this site can be eliminated by the company in a short period of time.

The production of automation systems with the latest technology has also provided an aesthetic image to the entire devices. In this way, the functionality of the products has increased and the yield from usage has increased. As a result, Alseltaş has become more dominant in the sector by increasing the customer satisfaction.

License Plate Recognition Systems


The license plate recognition system is used in parking lots, entrance departments of large companies, vehicle tracking procedures in traffic and in similar places. This system, which is preferred in the entry and exit control, security and lost search categories, is offered under the guarantee of Alseltaş. With the preference of this system, foreign license plate vehicles are detected when is approaching. Companies that prefer this implimentation do not use an entrance card. In the parks, license plate recognition systems have also solved parking problems seriously. In addition, the system recognizes the license plate of the vehicle while entering the park and immediately reflects the charge on the screen. The program, which detects the foreign plates, sends audible and visual alerts.

License Plate Recognition System Makes Your Life Easier

Used in conjunction with the Mobese camera system, this system can recognize the vehicles searched in the city in a much shorter time than in a second. It can be catch the license plate of the vehicles moving with 180 km. Important points of the regulations, shopping malls, schools, bus stations and terminals, airports, weighbridges, hotels, hospitals, universities, warehouses, border gates, bridges and big streets are places where this system is used. Alseltaş prepares these systems in a practical way.


The features of this system are very effective if they are useful. It can recognize the license plate of vehicles traveling with 180 km / h. There is a reading capacity of 20 milliseconds. The system, which has night or day reading capability, has the recording feature. Alseltaş produces solutions with the quality of the reading system. It has features such as barrier triggering, remote use, undercarriage monitoring, automatic plug printing, allowing passage of desired vehicle, violation detection, easy to use the program feature, sabotage alarm and encrypted usage. With this effective system, it will become very easy to follow your car or your license plate.

The system, which can also detect nonplaced vehicles, has reduced the power of work to a large extent. The system, which automatically opens the special partitioned sections to the license plate, has made it very convenient for the fee calculation processes, especially in the parking lots. It is a system that provides 100% success in all detection activities in the vehicle category, including stolen vehicles, seized vehicles, vehicles that are not allowed to go on traffic, and so on. Especially the process of finding called persons is much easier with this camera system. This system, which has the first class features with its technical features, is being established in a short time with the dedication of expert staff.

Personnel Control Systems


The Personnel Control Systems, which are used to record the entry and exit times of the company employees into the workplace, provide the daily and monthly reports on these records. Personnel Control Systems, also called PDKS computer based systems.

Since 1998, Alseltaş has been a leader in the quality control and has been success in all aspects of the personnel control systems. With the Personnel Control Systems nowadays becoming a compulsory requirement for the companies with a large number of employees, you will be able to automatically calculate how much of your staff is working according to the morning and evening entries.

With Alseltaş Personnel Control System, you can automatically obtain the number of employees who are not working, and the ones who are absent. The Personnel Control System, which is an integrated working function, is easily used in factories, public places, offices and institutions.

With this system, which minimizes the human workforce, you can create your staff records without any mistakes. With the Personnel Control Systems, you can achieve the highest efficiency by ensuring your company works more efficiently.

Alseltaş, which produces new solutions for companies that have difficulties in keeping their personnel knowledge with the development of technology, presents the Personnel Control System device to keep all kinds of information about the personnel of the companies in a short and reliable way. We respond to your expectations in the best way with the Personnel Control System devices that perform an error-free function.

With our advanced technological services and dynamic team, we offer different service options to our valued customers. When the Personnel Control Systems prefer the device, the importance of the sector that will be used is big. It is not right to choose a finger-readable device in a business sector that will wear out on fingers. In this regard, you can get support from our experienced staff.

When you are in the demand for the Personnel Control System, the most suitable device is to determined according to the sector. Then, our employees who work at the workplace will examine the areas where the device will be used and determine their exact location. At this stage, the architectural structure of the workplace and your wishes are taken into account. Finally, the device is installed as soon as possible to use the product. Our company is always with you for any problems you will have with the device. In order to keep your personnel information more economical and practical, you can choose Alseltaş Personnel Control System.

Intruder Alarm Systems


Our company, which has been providing professional services since 1998, is also the leader in the field of Intruder  Alarm Systems. You can safeguard your spaces with the Intruder Alarm Systems, which now become a necessity with the increase in theft events happening nowadays.

With Alseltaş brand, all kinds of areas such as sites, villas, factories and workplaces are best preserved. The cases of robbery and extortion are a situation we have encountered very often in Istanbul recently. For this reason, you can feel safe with our Intruder Alarm Systems, which we offer specifically for you to avoid a major damage.

Do not be mindful with Alseltaş Intruder Alarm Systems

Do you feel yourself and all your places in danger because of the events of extortion and robbery? What do you think about feeling safe with highly reliable services? As Alseltaş firm, we provide the best security service with our protected security package. You can provide economical security with our designed product with the purpose of deterring the people who come to your place with bad purpose.

Following the technological developments closely, Alseltaş makes the difference by adapting its products and services to technology. Our company, which is the pioneer name in Intruder Alarm Systems sector, meets every request fast and economically with its professional solutions.

With the Intruder  Alarm Systems, which will ensure you to sleep reliably without the fear of the thief, you will even be able to have a break without staying behind your back. Our company, which continues its services with completely customer satisfaction, has become one of the most preferred names with its understanding that does not compromise on quality.

Our protected security packages provide you with the intruder alarm systems that we use without any unauthorized access, and our product immediately detects this situation and outputs a 100 decibel siren sound. In this case, the Intruder  Alarm Systems, which deter thieves, send an alert to our alarm center.
Our alarm center personnel inform you with the situation by calling you first and then the police. With our team that provides police intervention in the scene, there will not be anything to your things.

Our company, which saved you from financial damages, offers Intruder  Alarm Systems economically. In order to take advantage of our services, you will receive a free discovery service on the inaccessible area of the Intruder  Alarm Systems where you communicate with us, and the installation area will be determined as soon as the product is installed. If you are looking for the best security solutions, do not waste time!