Our company, which has been providing professional services since 1998, is also the leader in the field of Intruder  Alarm Systems. You can safeguard your spaces with the Intruder Alarm Systems, which now become a necessity with the increase in theft events happening nowadays.

With Alseltaş brand, all kinds of areas such as sites, villas, factories and workplaces are best preserved. The cases of robbery and extortion are a situation we have encountered very often in Istanbul recently. For this reason, you can feel safe with our Intruder Alarm Systems, which we offer specifically for you to avoid a major damage.

Do not be mindful with Alseltaş Intruder Alarm Systems

Do you feel yourself and all your places in danger because of the events of extortion and robbery? What do you think about feeling safe with highly reliable services? As Alseltaş firm, we provide the best security service with our protected security package. You can provide economical security with our designed product with the purpose of deterring the people who come to your place with bad purpose.

Following the technological developments closely, Alseltaş makes the difference by adapting its products and services to technology. Our company, which is the pioneer name in Intruder Alarm Systems sector, meets every request fast and economically with its professional solutions.

With the Intruder  Alarm Systems, which will ensure you to sleep reliably without the fear of the thief, you will even be able to have a break without staying behind your back. Our company, which continues its services with completely customer satisfaction, has become one of the most preferred names with its understanding that does not compromise on quality.

Our protected security packages provide you with the intruder alarm systems that we use without any unauthorized access, and our product immediately detects this situation and outputs a 100 decibel siren sound. In this case, the Intruder  Alarm Systems, which deter thieves, send an alert to our alarm center.
Our alarm center personnel inform you with the situation by calling you first and then the police. With our team that provides police intervention in the scene, there will not be anything to your things.

Our company, which saved you from financial damages, offers Intruder  Alarm Systems economically. In order to take advantage of our services, you will receive a free discovery service on the inaccessible area of the Intruder  Alarm Systems where you communicate with us, and the installation area will be determined as soon as the product is installed. If you are looking for the best security solutions, do not waste time!