The fire, with cause great damage an deven loss of life if not intervened on time, can be overcome with minimum damage with necessary measures and systems. At the very beginning of the measures to be taken against the fire is important to be knowledgeable about the fire and to know what to do during the fire. Today’s advanced Technologies enable fire protection and warning systems to protect against fire without major disaster with a minimal damage.

With Alteltaş expert staff and advanced fire systems, you are protected against the fire. With the fire. With the fire alarm systems and the fire extinguishing systems that warn you in a minimum time, you can take an effective measures against the fire and ensure your life and property security in the most effective way.

The most suitable solutions for different spaces:

Alseltaş offers you the best and most suitable solutions against the fire with the fire alarm systems that you have according to the caracteristics of the different places. All of the our fire alarm systems are sensitive to flame and smoke and give warning in an unusual situation and protect your safety. Fire extinguishing systems also have the same sensitivity and they prevent the growth offire by commissioning on time. We have solutions in the direction of your needs from the smallest spaces to the widest areas, and we provide services against the fire and the fire losses with our expert staff.

Most advanced technological applications:

Alseltaş brings you the most advanced and new technological fire alarm systems of today. Sensitive and responsible fire alarm systems are enable for early intervention and ensure that fires prevented from flaring. Fire alarm systems are specially built for all different areas from home to work, and equipped with the most advanced features. Alarmsystems that can adapt to intelligent home systems maket he necessary warnings through sound and light. Fire alarm systems consist of fire detectors, buton, sirens, electronic fire panels, fire modules, fire cords and accessories. Our professional team completes the necessary discovery process and then creates the most suitable fire alarm system that you need and performs the necessary installations quickly and ensures the system to be active.

With Alseltaş you can have the best security measures against fire, by savig your and others life.