Alseltaş was established at the beginning of 1998 and started to provide services in 2003 in the field of closed circuit camera systems. In the years following 2003, network-based security systems, systems used to recognize the plate, and control systems were used in the personnel transitions that have started to be provided. In addition burglar alarm systems have also started to be offered for the purpose of increasing your choice and service quality. Alseltaş, which also manufactures video door phones, is preferred to countless areas due to its multifaceted service concept.

Our company, Alseltaş, is engaged in the production of the various electronic, communication and security systems as well as working with companies which are in the leading position in the sector as a whole. With to the development of the technology which is continuously used, it is possible to use the latest technology products through Alseltaş.

Alseltaş constantly improve itself since the day it was established and has begun to address Turkey’s overall with its experienced staff. Stable and steady strategy monitoring has made Alseltaş more and more advanced every day. The working system, which is open to innovations, has constantly evolved and anticipated a great deal. Alseltaş, aiming to carry forward its projects continuously, found its rightful place in the sector in line with this working principle.

With to the way it has progressed, Alseltaş has become a leader in the sector as a whole and has become an example of other firms in the sector. Alseltaş, which has added value to the sector and helped to develop the industry, has become a company closely followed because of its constantly renewing itself.

Alseltaş ‘s Turkey has a large number of dealers spread throughout. Alseltaş, working with a high volume of vendor, is selling both in Turkey and abroad as well as in neighboring countries. In addition to the sales process, the company provides continuous support. Along with the engineering works, the quality of the services provided has been greatly increased.

Alseltaş, whose primary goal is to increase the satisfaction of its customers, is able to appeal to a large audience for its services in various fields. Concentrating on a specific field, Alseltaş has naturally become professional in the field, and with its experienced staff, it has been able to reach more and more people every day.