Alseltaş presents the risk analysis of the companies in the service category, the problems and the projecting processes in the solution of the risk, after the sales support solutions and the training required for the application in a professional manner. The most important element in the world of economy, is the problem determination process, that has yielded quite successful results. Alseltaş, which continues to produce solutions with its technical characteristics, obtains effective and up-to-date results in the category of the solution production with professional business association techniques.

Professional Service

Security solutions for a company, license plate reading, personnel control system, fire alarm system for fire fighting, anti-theft alarm, door security systems, remote personnel and company control systems, sound systems and web video door telephones solve many problems completely.
Our firm, which has been able to identify you with the experience of the most suitable service for your company, presents the necessary training and cooperation activities with current solutions. Alseltaş offers up-to-date solutions in the category of cooperation, especially in the service category, to increase the efficiency of the personnel, to maximize safety, to combat against the natural disasters and to develop solutions. Our company, which performs the risk analyzes professionally with its services in consultancy category, offers the best solutions in your company’s working policy.

We are with you with the current solutions

Our company, which cooperates in application and education categories, concludes the best solutions for you by thinking together with you. Our company, which follows the current economic movements, new personnel systems and remote the control solutions step by step, continues to apply to the new methods and new systems in a practical way.

Alseltaş, a specialist in the subject who always chooses the perfect solution methods in service, continues to produce solutions with effective solutions in the category of cooperation with special product projects. Staff work systems, which are important for every company, can be solved more easily by firms that are experts in this field and produce effective solutions.

As a company, with years of experience, we continue to bring together very successful solutions for all companies that want to succes in the world of economy. Our cooperation policy is to get the best results with the most effective methods. Our company, which can analyze all the solutions needed for you, can give you the results that you want in the categories of workforce performance, practical and effective digital solutions and necessary training solutions.