Company Profile


The Alseltaş brand, which fulfills all kinds of hardware and software maintenance or updating processes of the systems it creates in line with needs, attaches particular importance to the elimination of deficiencies and the regulation of their work to prevent the security holes. Being aware of the role of these systems in the proper functioning of their security needs, they are developing their work and moving on to the next stage.

The company attaches a special importance to spreading throughout the country because of its self-developed service understanding and attaches special importance to raising personnel through various training activities while doing so, and aims to remove the differences that may arise between with branches in its services in this way. On the basis of this need, it is also clear that Alseltaş’s understanding of customer satisfaction as a front-line.

Together with the wireless congress unit, attendees can receive and speak during the congress. After the request for the speech, the unit which enables the speaker to be listened and voted, has found a wide use area because it is multifunctional. Multifunctionally produced product can be used without limit in various fields thanks to its reasonable prices.

The company, which puts its emphasis on improving the quality of its services with its expert staff in the field and developing after-assembly services, carries the aim of approaching the latest developments by including the latest systems. The company, which has been serving you with a structure that adapts to today’s changing conditions, certainly offers the latest possibilities of technology within the service conditions.
After 2003, the firm has added services such as network-based video security systems, license plate recognition systems, personnel control systems, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, video door phones and audio system to take a step forward to look for ways to take care.

Alseltaş was established in 1998 as one of the most important and well-known companies operating in our country. Since its inception, it is committed to presenting products and services within the company that emerge in line with the innovations it has brought. Alseltaş brand, which started its activities in the field of “CCTV-Closed circuit camera systems” in 2003 and added as many different services as its day-to-day operations, takes care to offer solutions for both institutional and individual needs.