Alseltaş is responsible for the establishment and after-sales support of all security systems for institutions and buildings. We are active in areas of services and products such as CCTV-closed circuit camera systems, license plate recognition, fire and Intruder alarm systems, personnel tracking system, image and sound systems. Alseltaş, acting together with different solutions for all kinds of situations that threaten personal security like an institution, provides consultancy activities not only about supplying products but also services.

Especially, it is very important to position the necessary safety equipments properly because there are too many institutional threats in areas where crowds and people circulation are excessive. CCTV-closed circuit camera systems, which offer the sound and image possibilities required for the security system, are preferred for many institutions and buildings. Within this system, persons with camera systems and monitoring authority can obtain images registered to the system within the scope of the camera’s image.

Today, we offer consultancy service and discovery service as Alseltaş firm for the CCTV-closed circuit systems, which is one of the measures taken in the name of security. As a result of the discoveries made by our engineers and technical team together with our expert team, security systems are distributed in the most appropriate way to the institutions and buildings. Sounds and images recorded in this direction can be used later by authorized persons in the system via remote monitoring or recording functions.

The main task of the technical team is to bring together the equipment so that CCTV-closed circuit camera systems can receive images and transfer them to the system. Equipment required to the transfer camera images to a monitor or TV screen includes fiber optic cable, recorder, wireless receiver and transmitter, swich. Our company, which provides all of these equipments in the stage of installation of the camera system and delivers them in working condition, also offers after sales support facilities within customer satisfaction against all problems that may arise after solution possibilities.

Our company has become one of the leading companies in the security sector to the product range created by both consulting services and security. As a company in the direction of our references, we represent the corporate infrastructure and customer-oriented working principle in the best way.