Since of the beginning of its foundation Alseltaş, has been serving in a wide range of the fields and has been producing with the expert quality products with its latest technology. The automation systems that is produced by the company can be used effectively in different production systems. The company produces a semi-automation systems where human power is dominant, and at the same time realizes the production of the complete automation systems where the machine power is front-mounted. In this regard, automation products can be preferred more frequently in the sales.

In the line with the strategies it pursues, Alseltaş also carries out sales to the neighboring countries, in a particular domestic. The technological products that realize the production can be used in the production facilities as well as in the security systems in these facilities. Models designed by Alseltaş show their usefulness in various fields as well as having the aesthetic appearance.

Alseltaş, which meets the automation system works with the companies intensively and rapidly, and is delivering the orders in a short period of time to the large number of personel that is in it. After the production of the automation systems, the products are completely installed, fixed and made available by Alseltaş. Organizations that work with the company on this issue do not encounter any problems with the product.

Detailed training on how to use the products will be given by the expert staff in Alseltaş after the products are delivered. After the trainings, the company and its employees have knowledge about the automation system. The company that manufactures the security systems such as plate reading, input-output control, etc., performs the production of various automation systems professionally. Because it focuses on the specific and limited areas, it has completely professionalism among the products manufactured by Alseltaş.

After the production is completed, after the sales Alseltaş continues to provide technical support to the firm that it works with. It is quite easy for companies to access Alseltas when they have problems related to the product or other product deficiencies. The needs that arise on this site can be eliminated by the company in a short period of time.

The production of automation systems with the latest technology has also provided an aesthetic image to the entire devices. In this way, the functionality of the products has increased and the yield from usage has increased. As a result, Alseltaş has become more dominant in the sector by increasing the customer satisfaction.