Our company, which has been serving effectively since its foundation, has become a leader in the sector with the products it has realized in various fields. Alseltaş, has always used and encouraged the use of the latest technology in every period of service. For this reason, the sound systems that is produced by Alseltaş are presented with extremely high functionality.

The sound systems produced by the company leave the participants and the attendants are satisfied with their services that their various functions that is the given in conferences. Alseltaş, aware of the fact that the congress units are exceedingly important, has also realized its production in this direction. Its unrivaled appearance and stylish design make it possible to use the audio systems with a wide range of uses, as well as the ability to be wireless in different areas. The sound systems designed by examining the next generation congress units have the voting feature and are highly preferred due to this function.

The unit, which has the most important position within the conference system, draws attention with its unusual functions. The product, which is produced by Alseltaş which is in the leading position in the sector in general, satisfies the buyer sufficiently to its usefulness, to the necessary controls that is made by a large number of specialist personnel in the company’s premises, the product is offered in a complete and error-free manner.

After the purchase of the audio units, Alseltaş continues to provide support to the companies and individuals. Certain periodical checks and updates of imported products are made. When the inspection time comes, the product is checked in detail by Alseltaş teams and the deficiencies are eliminated. There is no fee for the service that is provided. In this way, the yield from the products reaches the highest level and the problems that are experienced are resolved within a short period of time by the firm. Alseltaş provides technical support and consultancy services to the firm not only about the product but also for various issues. Therefore, with Alseltaş, the leader in the sector, exchange of ideas is being made in many different areas.